How your copy project is planned

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Step-by-step planning assures you get the copy you want.
What’s included in the fee quote?
What’s not included in the fee quote?
Get great copy for all budgets.

Step-by-step planning assures you get the copy you want.
How can I promise you consistently dead-on, on deadline copy? It’s all about planning your project. Once we decide to partner…

  1. You get a written Assignment Sheet from me that details your project. The Assignment Sheet describes our mutual understanding of your project—your target audience and marketing goals, project’s size, tone, key content, expert interviews, quotes to be included and deadline for final draft and revisions.

  2. You revise the Assignment Sheet until you’re 100% satisfied it describes your vision of your project. I gladly make changes before I begin your project—so much easier than massive rewrites!

  3. You sign off on the Assignment Sheet and fee.

  4. You pay half the fee upfront before I start writing and the remaining fee when you receive my polished draft.

  5. Your polished draft is delivered on deadline as described in the Assignment Sheet.

  6. Two rounds of free revisions are included in my fee, providing you send them back to me within two weeks of receiving my first polished draft—and corrections don’t veer from the original direction of the Assignment Sheet.

What’s included in the fee quote?

  • Perfect, polished copy

  • Two sets of free revisions

What’s not included in the fee quote?

  • Graphic layout, printing, HTML writing: Estimated costs are for copy only. At your request, however, I’ll provide quotes from design and tech partners for your “one-stop shopping” convenience.

  • Rewrites that require directional changes from the Assignment Sheet, or revisions returned more than two weeks past deadline are not included in the quote. These fees may be billed at an hourly rate.

Get great copy for all budgets.
As a small business owner, I understand budget constraints. Don’t hesitate to fill me in on your financial parameters—or suggest a figure for your project. I am flexible and can tailor marketing tools to fit your resources.

I gladly:

  • Assess your copywriting needs and develop strategies for small businesses.

  • Prioritize your copy projects and deliver your most urgently needed materials first—then create additional integrated marketing communications tools as your budget permits.

  • Edit and rework your existing marketing materials.

Like to discuss marketing possibilities for your business? Please contact me.

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