Case study: Novartis

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Copy: Collateral brochure

Marketing challenge: Novartis needed a thoughtfully-crafted brochure to introduce a breakthrough hypertension product to African American patients who face some of the highest risks of death and disability from the disease.

As with all to-consumer pharmaceutical marketing materials, medical language and complex biological processes required “translation” into understandable copy. To effectively reach this patient niche, Novartis’ brochure also had to address several cultural challenges:

  • Hypertension can be a generational illness and may be perceived as a “rite of passage,” something patients must stoically accept.
  • Traditionally, many African American consumers distrust physicians and the medical establishment and instead rely on family, community and spiritual beliefs to manage illness.

Copywriting solution: A 19-page brochure helped overcome patient obstacles and positioned Novartis’ new product as the unique solution for an often intractable and life-threatening disease.

For the brochure cover, lead and call-outs, I used warm, conversational copy to connect emotionally with readers and highlight culturally sensitive “Hypertension Myths and Facts.” I brainstormed a “burning candle” analogy to explain hypertension’s biological action and to illustrate product efficacy. “Take charge cards“—tips on healthy food plan, lifestyle changes and realistic exercise—added value.

Copy’s suggestions to “widen your circle of support” encouraged patients to re-envision physicians as trusted community members and learn more about Novartis’ new product. Copy closed with a strong call to action.

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