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Copywriting services

Looking for action-driving copy?
“Action-driving copy” isn’t limited to hyped-up long copy jammed with red font, exclamation points and over-the-top claims.

Action-driving copy is any kind of written content that moves your audience—gets them to buy, order, donate, click, call, refer, or convert in any other way you define.

What kind of copy do you need?
Expertise in your industry
Copy targeted to your customer sectors
Experience in interactive and print media

Expertise in your industry

With 18 years’ copywriting experience, I’ve worked in a range of industries with special expertise in:

  • Financial services
  • Pharmaceuticals and healthcare
  • Information products
  • Consumer goods

Copy targeted to your customer sectors
You say “medical services.” A physician says, “clinical care.” Every audience has its own parlance. I speak engagingly in all of them—and customize copy to target your key customers:

  • Business-to-business
  • Business-to-consumer
  • Consumer-to-consumer, social media
  • Direct-to-patient
  • Direct-to-physician

Experience in interactive and print media
A website isn’t a brochure. A sidebar isn’t catalog copy. A blog post isn’t a feature article.

Does your copywriter know the difference?

I do. Close to two decades’ copywriting experience helps me create quality content for many media:

  • Interactive web content, SEO copy, online ads: To make the most of dynamic interactive media you need a left/right brain balanced copywriter. The left side groks fundamentals of website usability, search engine optimization (SEO) and linkage. The right side empathizes with “users’” humanity and crafts persuasive copy that helps visitors move through the online funnel. My web content strategies include consumer personas, mapped user paths, action-driving hyperlinked content and SEO copy—along with interactive quizzes, tours, questionnaires and games, when appropriate.

  • Social media: “Push” marketing is far from dead, but your customer increasingly turns to social media’s supportive community for news, gossip and product information. While social media continues to evolve, its strengths stay rooted in transparency, aggregated media and strong personal voice. You can count on me for focused, reader-centric blog posts and 140-character “tweets” that speak to your Twitter followers interests. I add value to your social media marketing with tactical and practical skills, including mastery of WordPress and basic HTML.

  • Collateral, brochures, guides, booklets: E-commerce notwithstanding, your customer still likes to tuck a nice piece of collateral in her bag—if you make it attractive, useful, easy-to-read and relevant. Yep, you have to pack all that into a humble Slim Jim. I help with attention-grabbing, qualifying heads and targeted, benefit-packed copy that adds value with easy-to-skim tips, tear sheets, maps and directions.

  • Direct mail: It doesn’t have to be tacky. A good copywriter studies your offer and your audience, then picks and chooses the best structural and persuasive elements of traditional long-copy to create the most effective direct mail for you. Good direct response copy touches on readers’ pain points, core desires and emotional levers. It conveys a Unique Selling Proposition (USP). And it’s structured with benefit-focused heads and subheads, features, more benefits, sales-supporting facts and testimonials, call to action, even more benefits and repeat-the-offer P.S.

  • Sales copy, product sheets, catalog copy: I dig deep to research and differentiate your product and service line, create a USP, and write positioned copy that offers real customer-relevant benefits. Catalog copy’s short format, strictures and imperatives—to drive sight-unseen sales and reduce returns—are given special attention.

  • Internal and external communications: Put teeth into your annual reports, five-year plans and retention tools with compelling copy. Consumers aren’t the only audience who ask, “What’s in it for me?” You need to speak effectively to shareholders, employees and donors with polished, positioned, benefit-filled copy.

  • Newsletters, feature articles, and executive/physician profiles: Tell the story of your company, brand, product or executives with narrative—the oldest, simplest and most powerful communications tool—and invite readers-consumers-donors to be protagonists in your tale.

    Am I the right copywriter for you? Check out my portfolio. Or get step-by-step details on how I plan your project—and hear what clients say about me.