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Free online tools and resources for copywriting, marketing and productivity

Market better—and faster—with these online tools and resources for copywriting, marketing and productivity.

How to Boost Your Social Media Productivity: A Guide for Busy People
Social media sites offer fantastic opportunities to learn, network, market and build community. But they can also be an enormous time-drain, if not used with discipline. Interactive Insights Group’s list gives you the crème de la crème of social media productivity posts culled from a variety of insightful bloggers.

We We Monitor from Future Now
You claim your business is consumer-focused. But does your copy reflect customer-centricity? Find out with Future Now’s We We Monitor. A totally non-subjective way to evaluate your copy, the We We meter lets you paste in content, click a button—and keep your red pen poised for rewrites.
Use this online toy to create cool word clouds for your website, blog, business card, stationery and so much more. Simply go to Wordle, paste in your content and Wordle creates lovely text-graphics that illustrate your copy’s word prominence. Have fun playing with color and formatting for stunning results. Note: Be patient—the Wordle site loads slowly.
Banish jargon from your copy with the Bull Fighter tool bar and freeware—a jargon database that reveals just how much bull you write.
Nothing kills online interest—and business—faster than dead links. You can automatically check your site’s links with this free tool. Just paste in your URL and let Dead-Links’ spiders start crawling your site.
Copy and share documents using your cell phone with Qipit’s free mobile online copy service.

Get around the city with
Unsure how to get from here to there in your city? Call HopStop from your cell and they’ll text bus or subway directions to you for free.

Cool business cards from
You can buy Hugh MacLeod’s fab business cards at That’s reason enough to patronize these UK-based purveyors—but Streetcards also stocks additional cool designs for your business card custom printed on premium stock. Worried about the UK location? Don’t be. Streetcards prints and delivers quickly: They’ve consistently turned around and delivered MarketCopywriter cards within ten days—using regular post.

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