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Favorite copywriting blogs and websites


The website of uber copywriter and mensch, Bob Bly, includes For Writers Only links with loads of useful how-to articles.
Go to Peter Bowerman’s website to sign up for a free newsletter packed with career-building strategies for freelance writers.
Advertising copywriter John Kuraoka’s simple text-only website provides a treasure-trove of excellent advice for new and experienced writers. His how-to-write-a-brochure instructions give these versatile selling tools the thoughtful attention they deserve. John offers a FREE mentorship to hardworking, aspiring advertising copywriters.
Tons of free, helpful information is packed onto the website of Marcia Yudkin, copywriter and marketing consultant. You’ll spend many happy hours clicking through her Recommended Resources.
Marketing Profs’ Know-How Exchange lets you participate—or lurk—in over a dozen useful online forums where you’ll find answers to your most pressing marketing questions. If you’re as analytics-challenged as I am, try eavesdropping on the research/metrics forum where hand-patting pros talk shop and pass out useful, free advice.

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Marketing Prof’s Daily Fix
Marketing Prof’s stickily named Daily Fix is my favorite antidote to writer’s block: Try reading at least one or two posts before settling in to ponder your shimmering, blank screen and looming deadline.

Future Now’s GrokDotCom
Finally: Metrics-savvy marketers who speak the same language as us humanities-centric copywriters. At GrokDotCom, Jeffrey and Bryan Eisenberg interweave web metrics, psychology, Meyers-Briggs personality types, art, poetry, literature—yes, yes, yes!—to create “Persuasion Architecture,” their brilliant approach to online marketing. Check out Future Now’s superb Resources & Research and We We Monitor, a free interactive tool that helps you assess your copy’s customer focus.

Seth’s Blog
Don’t worry if you can’t suss out the most crucial new marketing books, skim dozens of newspapers and trade journals, sniff out remarkable blogs and social networks or schmooze with artists, politicians and celebrities. Marketing “Agent of Change” Seth Godin will do it for you. All you have to do is read his blog posts and click a few links to stay on-trend and in-the-know.

Giraffe Forum
This blog’s tagline, “Customer-centric. Not organization-centric.” speaks volumes. Gerry McGovern’s pithy treatises on online writing—including his essential 10 rules of writing for the web and Seven deadly sins of web writing—are fail-safe primers for anyone who writes for the Web. You know how copy experts always tell you to “write like you talk?” Well, Gerry writes like he writes. Umm, just check out his incredibly readable and helpful posts and you’ll see what I mean.

E-entrepreneur and prolific Copyblogger Brian Clark’s daily posts are packed with practical copywriting and marketing tips you’ll use immediately. Now if only I could find time to mine his fab archived material…

Zen Habits
This extraordinary blog is not about copywriting though its sensei—I mean creator—is copywriter Leo Babauta. Trawl Zen Habits regularly and soon you’ll improve productivity, organize your office, work better from home, lose weight, exercise regularly, spend meaningful time with your family—Leo has six children!—budget frugally without deprivation, and cherish life’s small beauties.

Ad Contrarian
Marketers continue to trot sheep-like into the permission marketing fold without fully understanding the implications of this latest marketing evolution. But not Ad Contrarian Bob Hoffman who asks, “Are you sick of The Conversation? Do you want to take the next moron who says it and wring his f%@#ing neck? Take a hammer to his long tail?” Bob’s grouchy, expletive-sprinkled musings will make you laugh—and think.
Marketer/Copywriter/Cartoonist/Artist Hugh MacLeod is the marketing mastermind behind Stormhoek Wine, English Cut bespoke tailors and others. Hugh was one of the first new marketers to successfully use online communities and word-of-mouth to build business. Go to Hugh’s cartoon archives to nod, laugh and cry over hundreds of his brilliant “cartoons on the back of business cards.”

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