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Can targeted copy improve your donor response?

The M-word.

Remember when the word marketing was unmentionable in non-profit circles? Not any more. Today savvy fundraisers know effective marketing is essential in the heated competition for donor dollars.

Good marketing materials drive action. Carefully crafted copy moves donors to click, call, join, sign-up, write, volunteer and give.

Wonder why your donors tune you out?
If you’re like most fundraisers, you worry about donor fatigue. But the truth is, many donors aren’t tired of giving—they’re just tired.

Like most Americans, your donors are assaulted daily by hundreds of ads and fundraising appeals. Messages shout from magazines, TV, radio, the Internet, billboards—ads even speak aloud to you in urinals!

How can you cut through the chatter and reach your distracted—and increasingly impatient—giver?

For fundraising results, focus on your donors’ needs—not yours.
Here’s a secret you may already know: Donors are selfish—they’re human! Over-scheduled and harried, when asked to give—time, attention, money—they rightfully ask, “What’s in it for me?”

Ignore this truism and your campaign—and organization—suffer.

To reach your donors, stop flogging them with your name, your needs, your facts and figures, your achievements. Instead, focus fundraising materials on your donors’ needs, desires and concerns.

Sound like heresy? See for yourself: Compare and contrast two fundraising copy samples.

Fulfill your donors’ heart’s desire—and watch them fulfill yours.
Great fundraising content follows many of the same rules as effective marketing copy. Action-driving fundraising materials speak to your donors’ core desires and feelings. Compassion, grief, nostalgia, competition, vanity, anger, spiritual yearning are just a few of the emotions that move donors to action.

Take advantage of a copywriter with firsthand non-profit experience.
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