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About Us

MarketCopywriter is a New York Hudson Valley-based copywriting service. We create marketing and communications tools that help you:

  • Build relationship
  • Enhance image
  • Increase sales
  • Boost profitability

MarketCopywriter serves clients in Manhattan, Westchester and the New York tri-state region—as well as across the country and around the globe.

What sets MarketCopywriter apart from other copywriters?
Who’s who at MarketCopywriter
MarketCopywriter backstory

What sets MarketCopywriter apart from other copywriting services?
At MarketCopywriter we’re pretty handy with the pen and keyboard. But beyond superb wordsmithing, we’re also strategic marketers with an obsessive focus on your customer.

Busy, beleaguered and impatient, your customer—and her pain points, needs, wants and desires—are the alpha and omega of our action-driving copy.

At MarketCopywriter you’ll find a work ethic as focused and committed as yours. Needless to say, deadlines are etched in stone.

Who’s who at MarketCopywriter
Lorraine Thompson

Lorraine Thompson, principal and senior copywriter at MarketCopywriter.

Professional disclosure #1: I don’t have an MBA in marketing. And I never took a single business or marketing class in college.

Before starting MarketCopywriter in 1994, I worked as a playwright, soap opera writer and actress in New York City. I still carry a frayed Actors’ Equity union card in my wallet.

Marketing copywriting is a lot like acting. WAIT, DON’T CLICK THE BACK BUTTON!!

It’s true.

When I write copy, I imagine I’m speaking to your customer—really speaking to someone who moves and breathes, feels, talks and questions.

It’s a classic actor’s sense-memory exercise.

Professional disclosure #2: I managed a non-profit theater in NYC for ten years so I understand your non-profit organization’s special challenges.

Michele Micalizzi McCarthy
Michele Micalizzi McCarthy is MarketCopywriter’s expert in journalism and food, wine and travel writing. Michele has an MA in communications, an MAH in writing/English and was editor-in-chief of Primo magazine and founding editor of MetroHouse magazine.

Marketcopywriter backstory
In 1994 I opened MarketCopywriter to provide marketing tools for small/medium-size businesses, agencies and non-profit organizations. My mission was, and is, to deliver quality copy that convinces your customers you’ll answer their hopes, dreams and prayers (I write a lot of healthcare copy).

Then I watch you fulfill their expectations.

The thing is, I believe in you.

I believe in your products and your services.

I can’t write persuasive copy for you if I don’t think you’re the real deal.

Back in ’94, MarketCopywriter’s full service office included two laptops—because neither was reliable—and a dial-up Internet connection on a single-line phone. Corporate HQ was shared with three toddlers and a hyperactive boxer dog.

The patter of little feet is no longer heard around MarketCopywriter during business hours, and my obsessive need to nurture growing things now focuses 100% on you and your business. Deal with it.

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